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Perfect Days

What my normal, ideal day looks like and preparing for disruption

"You don't have to do a lot everyday, but you have to do something. When you know what that something is, suddenly you have power and clarity and control. You know what to say yes to. What to say no to. You know who you are and what your life needs to be built around." ~Ryan Holiday

A Slow Start

Waking up next to Ashley after a good nights sleep.

No alarm, just the birds chirping and the sunlight seeping in.

Morning cuddles. A little bit of reading or scrolling on my phone.

No rush to get out of bed. No rush in general.

Active Morning

The main decision of the morning: Should I surf? Or run? Or bike or swim?

Something active, pretty much everyday. Get outside, pretty much everyday.

Maybe it's training. Maybe it's fun. Likely, it's both.

Top off with a morning smoothie before getting into work.

Work From Home

Some days are busy, some days not. That's okay.

Put on some music, move around the room, have fun with it.

Everyday, try and make progress, be useful, impact others, build relationships, improve the craft, earn money.

Earn more money than I spend. Be conscious and intentional about spending by tracking it. Play offense and defense.

Save, because money in the bank creates stability that balances an unpredictable income stream. Save, because money in the bank creates freedom that allows the rest of this perfect day.

Invest what I can, for the long-term, automatically, optimized for sleeping at night.

Home-Cooked Meals

Enjoy the process of cooking as much as the eating. Do the dishes.

Eat plants, eat the rainbow.

Be heathy but no need to be overly restrictive. Have dessert. Have pizza (or whatever) whenever Ashley wants it.

Celebrate Taco Tuesday. Eat out every so often.

Splurge when eating with friends.

Eat with my mom.

Relax with Ash

Read and write. Learn and create.

Learn new things, pursue interesting topics, follow my curiosity. Write mostly for myself, though put it out there because someone might like it.

Water the plants. Strum a few songs.

Watch TV with Ashley. Smile. Laugh.

Drink some tea. Talk about buying a house one day, taking a trip to Hawaii, what we want to do next weekend.

Brush our teeth, and get to bed around 10.

"But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day." ~E. B. White​

I'm lucky enough that most days are my perfect day. I'm grateful.

I designed it this way.

Yet sometimes I wrestle with whether I should do more, work more, earn more. I don't work 40 hours/week, I don't make over 6 figures, I don't own a home, I don't impact others at scale. Meanwhile, most of my friends do.

There is an interesting balance between loving life and striving for more, between feeling content and getting complacent.

But honestly, I've been thinking about perfect days because something else has been on my mind.

I'm writing this as Ashley is in week 39. This perfect day is about to get disrupted by the arrival of little baby Presley.

I'm excited for the new normal. I can't wait for this next adventure in newborn parenting, raising a child, and building a family.

Maybe down the road I'll look back at the perfect days of the past 2 years and laugh.

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